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See our latest customer stories and find out how Markforged is changing the way things are made.

Tooling & Fixtures

Accelerate your engineering with Markforged. See how engineers are building custom tools and durable fixtures 10x faster and cheaper.


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Industrial strength 3D printing enables prototyping both form and function. Design and test carbon fiber parts that are as strong and light as aluminum.


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End-Use Parts

The strength and durability of composite printing enables users to make real, functional parts. Markforged makes customization and small-batch manufacturing faster and more cost-effective than ever.


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See how students and professors are using Markforged 3D Printers as a tool for both learning and research.


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Latest Case Studies

Markforged Stands Out on the Unilever Factory Floor

Markforged 3D printers are put to work on a Unilever factory floor, providing rugged sensor mounts and fixtures overnight.


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The Mark Two Secures a Firm Grip in Robotic Automation

Dixon Valve & Coupling uses the Mark Two to 3D print custom jaws for industrial robotic arms on their factory floor.


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