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SCEI, composite specialist

Based in Paris, SCEI is a distribution company that has been at the forefront of many projects in the field of composites and now offers a broad range of products and solutions for the use of composites. With over 80 years of experience, SCEI has built a reputation for its serious commitment to and hands-on involvement in groundbreaking projects.

Composite Materials

SCEI has acted as a partner to many companies in introducing the following techniques and materials to their processes:


- ablative materials

- early carbon fibers

- ancillary materials

- the earliest prepreg composites of carbon and boron fibers

- carbon-carbon manufacturing techniques

- materials for curing composites

- water jet cutters

- laser-assisted composite ply layup


SCEI has contributed to the development of:

- filament winding

- automated prepreg scrap disposal

- multidirectional weaving

- autoclave polymerization processes

- RTM techniques and equipment


SCEI has also played a part in the introduction of:

- strength member for optical fiber cables

- composite products for vacuum bagging

- self-lubricating ducts for underground telecom cables

- water blocking yarns to protect against humidity in cables


A Wide Range of High-Performance Products

As of today, SCEI brings to market the most complete offer of composites:


- composite products for vacuum bagging, such as nylon vacuum bags, polymides, Mosites reusable silicons bags, bleeders and breathers, release films, peel plies, high-performance glass fabrics, teflon glass fabrics, sealant tapes, etc.

- industrial equipment and processes: Scholz autoclaves, Virtek laser projectors, GFM ultrasonic cutting, vacuum bagging leak detection, and composite 3D printers.


SCEI developed a line of "flying" materials for the aviation industry including Nomex™ honeycomb from Euro-Composites, high-performance MLI films, LDS Lightning Diverter Strips, adjustment shims and heat insulators, etc.



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